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As authentic relationship managers we support our clients in their target group approach. We integrate all channels into our successful multi-channel models by using the opportunities provided by digitalisation with your resulting opportunities for dialogue – with your future sales in mind.

The multi-channel managers of +49 med exemplify effective dialogue and valuable relationships with doctors and pharmacists. They orchestrate all relevant and necessary channels in a useful way, thus enabling the target group the type of communication that they desire, which is of course on equal terms.
On request they work in a hybrid way jointly with the field service, to ensure optimum support for their target group, taking individual channel preferences into account. Alternatively, of course, also as a stand-alone sales team.

Our goal: Sales-orientated dialogue on equal terms – always for the patient’s benefit.

Why us?

50.000+ contacts with doctors each month.

Experience in over 50 indication areas.

For significantly higher revenue.

Customised sales in accordance
with the highest scientific standards


We are the number one provider of integrated, personal and digital support for medical target groups.
Preparations, indications and clinical pictures are discussed as desired by doctors and pharmacists at their preferred time, with content that interests them and in their preferred way. Depending on the project requirements, we recruit suitable sales experts exclusively for projects in coordination with our clients.


Hybrid field sales at the highest level.
A successful tandem of field sales and our multi-channel managers in the office establishes maximum coverage and information flow while simultaneously ensuring budget-friendly sales development.We provide your target group with effective support as a team and partner on equal Terms.

Vacancy support

The task force in the fight against vacancy gaps in your sales area. Multi-channel managers are deployed in areas with vacancies based on demand, and are responsible for managing the sales activities in this area. Thus field sales areas with vacancies are quickly and flexibly dealt with until these are filled, and are not left to the competition.


Our highly qualified and experienced MSL managers facilitate the sharing of medical and scientific experience of therapies between opinion leaders and our clients. Taking sensitive compliance rules into account, they ensure the sharing of information at the highest scientific level.
Science takes first priority here – Sales second!

Disease Awareness

In the field of orphan disease and specialities, awareness must be successfully raised to the indication in a cost-effective way and across the disciplines.
The awareness of doctors of patient images must be evidenced on a long-term basis. This results in disease awareness and successful referral programs.

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We are the benchmark for sales strategies in the healthcare market.

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