Understanding doctors in a hybrid field service!

Innovative digital sales channels still require support from field service – the assistance of a highly qualified team is a crucial ingredient for success and is essential when interlinking a range of multichannel options. In the future, only suppliers who respond to the requirements of their customers, and who understand and take their customers seriously, will be able to provide the best possible service tailored precisely to the needs of their target group.
Our unique hybrid approach and our synchronized field service and multichannel office-based management team mean that we can provide optimal support to your target market across all channels.

As soon as we are commissioned to market a preparation, we train the whole team accordingly, and make sure that everyone knows their own job and assigned area precisely. We prepare to meet the doctor, in his own premises and on his own terms. Through standardized procedures, very precise knowledge of the product and great sensitivity we skillfully achieve and maintain relationships in a personal field service.

For maximum trust.

We are marketing pros and develop real relationships.

On site throughout Germany.

Individual advice and support.
Based on preferences and delivered on your level.

Hybrid field service

In our unique concept, our highly qualified cso+ product experts travel in pairs directly to physicians.
The initial contact takes place digitally, at a time decided by the physician. The physician then decides what he needs and how we communicate from this point onward. With us, the physician is in full control.
Our field service team won’t appear unannounced; we agree fixed meeting times. To maximize the flow of information, our office-based and field service teams synchronize their actions in the interests of the target group. It is this combination and level of flexibility that makes the difference. The orchestration of all channels and close collaboration between office and field staff enables us to deliver a complete service for your target group that is fully in line with your preferences.

Back-up and vacancy support

Just because you have a full complement of staff today, that doesn’t mean that the situation will be the same tomorrow. We can help you cope with the challenges that arise due to short-notice staffing problems. Our hybrid management program provides personalized digital support for your medical target groups, eliminating the opportunity for your competitors to step in and take advantage.
Our office-based multichannel managers synchronize their work with our field service team to ensure that information is seamlessly communicated to your target group.

The physician must
be the focus of the modern
pharmaceutical industry.


We are the benchmark for sales strategies in the healthcare market.

Relationship manager

Creating a dialogue in the healthcare market. For closer relationships and greater value.

Patient caregiver

Care with a heart.
People are our focus: always!