Developing flexible distribution solutions for the healthcare industry

We place your products on the market with our precision-matched omni-channel strategies – sound yet surprising, effective and cost efficient, sustainable and successful. Our precision solutions come from comprehensive omni-channel maturity, future-orientated distribution strategy, status scanning, state-of-the-art big-data analysis, target group scanning and a wealth of experience.

Our experts design customised omni-channel distribution strategies. We optimise these based on data-driven evaluations, based at all times on personal or personalised contacts. We are always upfront with our customers about the decisions we are making and about the data and customer preferences which we base them on. Trust and transparency are paramount for multi-lateral cooperation. All our strategies and solutions are tailored to our customers’ requirements & opportunities so that you can reach your goals.

We take responsibility for our recommendations. Always in-touch with markets and customers.

Why us?

Sustainable sales strategies.
Market leaders in Omni-Channel dialogue.
Experts in data intelligence.

Achieving your outstanding market position together

Comprehensive analysis first, strategy next: By experience, our consultants know the “pain points” of customers and can ask the key questions. As distribution experts they develop fact-based and enticing omni-media concepts which enable the customer to create coordinated approaches for doctors, pharmacists, medical experts and patients at any time and with an eye on potential.

Our Data Technology & Innovation Experts offer both advice and highly innovative technical expertise e.g. in the areas of market automation or omni-channel control. They create the firm foundation for a high-performance distribution strategy. They bring expertise and experience from both the healthcare industry and from technological disciplines. They can evaluate existing systems and databases and they can identify opportunities for expansion.

Let us help you to raise your distribution to a new level!

in//touch secures your success,
now and in the future.

Relationship manager

Creating a dialogue in the healthcare market. For closer relationships and greater value.

Patient caregiver

Care with a heart.
People are our focus: always!

Sales wizards

We combine tradition and forward-thinking – for the best advice and care.