Optimism in a crisis

Over the past few weeks, our employees have been shown so much appreciation and support, from practice staff, doctors and our customers. Suddenly, our multi-channel managers are the only people who are able to reliably and continuously expand access to services and even successfully provide support as crisis managers.

Even the chronic patients in our patient support programmes are in regular contact with their nurses and have a personal point of contact who they can trust by their side at all times.

Imagine if the modern, personal and respectful communication that is practised at the good healthcare group were now to be implemented across the board?

It is currently receiving more applause than ever before.

Der Weg in die neue Normalität

Many wanted to rapidly make their field service fit for other channels and are discovering that very few are able to adapt at a moment’s notice as it requires a very different skillset and mindset.

Something is changing, and it is happening at an unimaginable pace that we are responding to with great caution.

What if you now gave your target group the opportunity to use all channels in accordance with their preferences and in an orchestrated manner in the future, in dialogue with you? What if you, right now, obtained a solid opt-in for future-proof communication? And involved your field service in the activities, in doing so helping to make staff even better equipped to handle future tasks?

Our time is now.

It would surely be crazy to do what the target market wants now.
But a nice idea — now even nicer — it is a reality.

Do we want to discuss it over the phone or on a video call? We have the concepts for it – we have been doing it for a while already. 😉

Adapt your strategy, break new ground, with us.

Until then, whenever you need us, we are here…


Daniel Schaller

Director Sales & Business Development
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Sascha Jung

Senior Sales Manager
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