People are our focus: always!

Patients are only at ease when taken seriously and if they have confidence in the respective therapy. For this reason, our nurses support more than 25,000 patients in adherence programs with regard to education about a particular illness and information on the effects and use of the respective drug. They ensure that treatment takes place as the doctor intends. This is because a medicine only works well if its correct usage is also ensured.

Each of our Patient Support Programs specialises in a specific therapy and specific indication, meaning that we provide highly competent and very personalised advice to patients. We offer all-round care for the persons concerned – for maximum support in everyday life and confidence in the respective product.

Trust is only created via real relationship management, and this is exactly what we provide!

We are the first port of call for
skilled and trusting
relationships with patients.

Always on an equal footing, always personal.

High levels of therapeutic success

Not every illness can be as easily explained as the common cold. Therapeutic success depends on well-functioning personal management of the persons concerned so that compliance is increased and drop-out rates are significantly reduced.

The nurses of patient+ are experienced and provide patients with support and offer empathetic care to the patients. They offer empathetic care on many channels and they provide answers to questions and assistance.
They ensure that patients take medication properly, so that therapies work in the best possible way.

The result: high levels of adherence and therefore greater success in treatment.

Support patients with care
and competence.

patient+ assists and creates an impact.


We are the benchmark for sales strategies in the healthcare market.

Relationship manager

Creating a dialogue in the healthcare market. For closer relationships and greater value.

Sales wizards

We combine tradition and forward-thinking – for the best advice and care.