Patient Services

Always focused on people!

Patients only feel comfortable if they are taken seriously and place their trust in the respective therapy.

Our healthcare managers are experienced and highly-qualified nurses. They advise, support and guide patients and facilitate their active participation when they clarify a specific illness, provide therapy-specific information or explain how to handle a medication. They offer personal, empathetic and needs-based comprehensive support at eye level using all communication channels available so that patients have the maximum support in their daily lives and develop trust in the individual product.

Patient support & adherence programmes


Always at eye level and always personal. It improves patients’ quality of life and helps gain their trust in the respective therapy.

We offer multifaceted support, ranging from on-demand patient services to long-term support. We gain their trust by listening to them, actively involving them and addressing their
individual challenges and needs. This approach leads to improved self-management and increases adherence. Whether patients need personal coaching or therapy, illness or side-effects management, our expertise extends across a variety of needs and communities and all channels.

Patient finding & disease awareness


With regard to rare and orphan diseases or specialised medicine, we motivate patients and assist them with finding the right therapy.

The road to the right diagnosis and therapy is often tedious and lengthy. We assist patients by answering their questions, highlight their options and refer them to appropriate specialists and hospitals. Our experts have extensive experience in various specialised medical fields, and they build bridges between everyone involved in healthcare by increasing the awareness of rare diseases, orphan drugs and special therapies.

Fewer drop-outs through real therapy success

Therapy success depends on a patient’s self-management working well because it increases adherence and lowers the drop-out rate significantly. This is exactly where we come in.

There is no one-size fits-all approach for ensuring patient assistance programmes are successful. The living environment of patients is shaped by various factors that need to be considered. We offer individual, needs-based solutions and create barrier-free access for different needs.

We stand for competent relationships with patients that are based on trust.

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Patient engagement

Our patient-centred solutions go beyond merely informing patients about the clinical picture and symptoms. We see the active inclusion of patients and their families as equal partners when decisions about their health and care are made because it is the key factor for ensuring more safety and satisfaction.

Optimal communication throughout treatment includes closing gaps in knowledge and supports patients get from their first decision to the end of their successful therapy.

We believe in modern, digital services
combined with compassionate personal and
competent advice and support go hand in hand.