Training & Enablement

Boost the omnichannel potential in your company

Companies that successfully rely on digital processes, products and services achieve a clear competitive advantage. To remain successful over the long term, targeted enablement measures are needed. Our certified trainers are professionals in the digital, personal and hybrid realms. They can offer virtual and on-site training sessions tailored to your requirements, which will help you become successful in the constantly changing healthcare landscape.

Trainings, workshops & coaching sessions


Our certified trainers enable your back office and field sales force to undertake sustainable communication and achieve sales success.

Whether for sales, consulting, team development, management, personal development or omnichannel communication, our experts will help you define your training needs and conduct online or on-site training sessions and recaps according to your requirements. They will convey how to deal with and utilise all communication and sales channels in a future-oriented and professional manner.

Enablement factory


We don’t coach, we empower. Our training sessions provide an impetus and forge a sustainable skill set and mindset.

Our enablement factory makes it possible to achieve sustainable and auspicious transformation through the integration of change management and capability building.
The goal is to create positive awareness, recognise opportunities and utilise the competencies already gained in your day-to-day work as best as possible. New skills and competencies should be adapted and further developed.

Healthcare events & moderation


Digital events are a part of comprehensive omnichannel communication, which will spread your messages and information in the healthcare market.

We utilise all the options that the digital and hybrid space offers to make healthcare events tangible experiences, reach target groups in the manner they prefer and bring them together. We support you with the entire implementation of your advance training or informational events as part of a comprehensive omnichannel communication strategy, from conceptualisation and invitation management to moderating the event.

room 49


We offer interactive one-to-one and one-to-many services to address patients, HCPs, KOLs and medical decision-makers.

Do you want your message to stay in people’s minds? Our green room, ‘room 49’, is an exciting and eventful interactive way to enthuse participants at regional conferences, expert panels, advanced training courses, team meetings or patient training sessions. Can anyone do digital? Maybe. But we not only have the technology, we also fill it with life and are passionate about ensuring that your event is turned into a real experience.

Our trainers empower your back office and field sales force

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Digital enablement

We stand by our clients’ side with an extensive portfolio and tips and tricks from our many years of professional experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. This know-how enables us to create training programmes that aid all participants in the health sector in undertaking successful and future-oriented omnichannel communication and sustainable marketing on all channels.

We change mindsets and improve skills
for promising digital transformation.