We want the experience

Our aim: To create communication experiences that are inspiring. How? We do this by putting the interests of target groups at the forefront and creating digital, personal, relevant, and, above all, sustainable communication experiences that patients and healthcare professionals can have in the manner they prefer.

After all, this communication is more than just exchanging information. It leaves people with a feeling that they will remember.


„We feel where others think.”

Thomas-Marco Steinle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

„We inspire where others merely plan.”

Daniel Schaller, Chief Client Officer (CCO)

The right skill set & mindset

Our services are intended to enrich all stakeholders in the healthcare sector with a high level of medical knowledge and with heart and feeling.
Our omnichannel experts know exactly what our clients’ needs and pain points are. They have the right insight for meeting the individual challenges, interests and needs of their target groups, which is required in the highly competitive market.

„We innovate where others merely digitalise.”

Wolfgang Höfers, Chief Innovation & Consulting Officer (CICO)

„Long-term success only comes from sustainability.”

Sebastian Schröter, Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

We are qualified

To ensure the quality of our services remains consistent, we have implemented instruments for quality assurance and improve them continuously.

We have our quality and information security systems regularly assessed and certified according to objective criteria by independent third parties.

Highest quality

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Our quality management system guarantees the value of our services in all phases.

The quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001 sets the requirements for a quality management system to be implemented by companies. The aim: to completely fulfil customer wishes and other requirements relating to the quality of the product or service.

Absolute security

DIN EN ISO 27001:2013

Our ISMS guarantees the highest possible protection of client, patient, partner and employee data.

Standard DIN EN ISO 27001 sets the guidelines for our Information Security Management system. It places corresponding requirements on our IT security procedures. The audit ensures that our systems have the best possible protection against misuse of data.

We place great value on this

Exceptional performance and humanity go hand in hand for us. That’s why working together as equals is extremely important to us – from our management through to our apprentices.

Enjoying work, taking individual responsibility and having the personal ambition to contribute to a successful business idea – these are the attributes that set our employees apart and make us so successful as the good healthcare group.

Our values

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