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More than 600 healthcare specialists

Our mainly graduate and intensively trained specialists are real experts. They provide very precise advice to doctors and patients. According to their preferences, in the medium of their choice – as equals.

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Experience in over 50 indication areas

Re-thinking sales strategies: our advisors achieve significantly higher sales figures for our clients. Detailed surveys, future-proof strategies, the most modern analyses of big data, excellent targeting and a lot of experience make “precision landings” possible.


Relationship manager

More than 50.000 contacts with doctors per month

Our highly-qualified and comprehensively trained Multi-Channel Managers have personal discussions with doctors as equal partners. The doctor chooses the communication medium. For maximum control and satisfaction.

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Patient caretaker

More than 25.000 patients in adherence programs

The best-trained nurses support thousands of patients who are in our adherence programs. Personally. Emotionally. Very skilfully. On the medium of their choice – by telephone, via an App or in situ.


Marketing wizards

On site throughout Germany

Our hybrid field service combines tradition and innovation: in a unique approach, highly-qualified product experts travel directly to the doctors. The office-based Multi-Channel Managers supplement the offer of information and further training according to the individual preference of the target group.


Daniel Schaller
Chief Client Officer (CCO)
Thomas-Marco Steinle
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Wolfgang Höfers
Chief Innovation & Consulting Officer (CICO)
Sebastian Schröter
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

ISO-certified quality and information security

We work on a daily basis with highly sensitive data – whether from doctors, patients or our own staff. Our promise: We subject our quality and information security management system to regular scrutiny by independent inspectors. For 100% security and trust.

Our standards

Up to ten times higher sales

We don’t just talk. We act. And in the vast majority of cases it’s reflected in significantly higher sales for our clients. For maximum efficiency.

Test us rigorously – for maximum transparency!

Excellent employer

It is our firm conviction that a team only works if everyone involved can draw on all resources and is 100% comfortable in it. We offer a working environment which values performance and proves this with numerous benefits and guarantees.

Being no. 3 in employer rankings for the medical and pharmaceuticals industry speaks for itself.

Trusted by the Top 20 pharma companies

We take a vow of silence as far as our clients are concerned. But what we can reveal is: we enjoy the trust of the Top 20 pharma companies and are catapulting their products into the healthcare market of the future.

Pharma sales made in Berlin!