What makes us different

Our project–
Our involvement in Tanzania

The non-profit initiative Charity at [ ] has been close to the hearts of the CEO and founders of the good healthcare group, Thomas Marco Steinle and Cookie Heinz Gindullis, for over 14 years. Charity at [ ] supports the Mbigili children’s village in Tanzania. 100% of the donations are sent there directly in order to enable the children to lead independent and self-determined lives.
By supporting Charity at [ ], the children and young people grow up in a protected environment under the principles of recognition and respect. The children’s village stands for the fundamental right for every child to have a safe home and holistic support. Our project has helped ensure this by bringing up the children with respect and without fear. It also supports the children’s education and development until they are able to live independently.

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Our Values

These values were formulated in conjunction with our employees as part of a special development process. They act as a guide for all internal and external activities and all aspects of our interactions with each other.

We put our heart into everything we do

• People are at the center of everything we do.

• Every employee has our trust. To ensure optimal development of their own skills and abilities, we allow space for people to develop freely and to show their creativity.

• We are committed to dynamic and tolerant employee structures. There is no place for mobbing or discrimination in our working environment.

With each other, not against each other

• We are committed to treating everyone with respect.

• We have rules in place to ensure fair and tolerant cooperation, we always treat each other as equals.

• Transparent communication, honesty, team spirit and reliability are guiding principles for all employees.


We stand by these values and are committed to them. All employees undertake to recognize these values, to take them on board in their daily interactions, and to comply with all associated guidelines, laws and regulations.

All or nothing

• We are passionate about what we do, and this enables us to build real relationships.

• Our company philosophy guarantees responsible conduct at every level.

• We are committed to incorruptibility and compliance with local, national and international statutory regulations.

Smart thinkers

• We are focused on achieving sustainable growth to ensure that we enjoy ongoing success and are able to offer our employees long-term job security.

• We guarantee plenty of motivation and a high level of social and technical expertise.

• We offer a positive error culture, which encourages people to try things out without fear.

Going forward

• Environmentally, economically and socially – we play our part as part of our long-term sustainability strategy.

• We scrutinize ourselves and our services regularly and dare to break new ground.

• We guarantee maximum protection of sensitive data by having comprehensive security measures in place.

• We undergo regular, comprehensive audits of our quality and information security systems.