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Omnichannel excellence. That would be what?

Our experts co-create individual plans and solutions with our clients for their personal transformation strategy, which will open up new opportunities in the long term. Our services range from developing innovative marketing plans and helping your field sales force obtain omnichannel competence to realising social media campaigns with patient influencers.

With qualified omnichannel engagement strategies, you can place your preparations optimally in the market – skilfully and yet surprisingly, effectively, cost-efficiently, sustainably and successfully.



Are you uncertain about you optimization potentials? Are your own initiatives not working, and you want to find out why? You need in-depth analysis for developing a general strategy.

It should include everything from analysing your omnichannel skills, the marketing measures used, the use of touchpoints and channels, the technical infrastructure and the existing data structure or the process landscape to analysing the current status and needs for your digital communication with patients. Our in-depth analyses reveal concrete areas for optimization and areas where quick wins are possible throughout the company.



You have defined a goal but do not know how you can achieve it? You need a detailed recommendation for the strategy you should take, a specification of clear strategic steps and a roadmap for implementing these steps.

Regardless of whether your focus is on omnichannel, enablement, online marketing, customer engagement, project management, remote sales, market access or disease awareness, we will develop for you a suitable, personal strategy, define the objective and develop an implementation roadmap together. Timing, budgeting and specific recommendations for action are integral parts of preparing a strategy.



Objective and strategy are defined, and insights and status quo are available. Do you want to quickly move to the implementation phase and need know-how and additional resources to do this?

We take full responsibility for our recommendations and establish measures for implementing the respective strategy over the long term. What is our priority? It is controlling the decision-making processes efficiently, implementing suitable enablement measures and transferring our know-how directly to your organisation in order to realise promising digital transformation.

Interim solutions


Are you facing challenges such as a shortage of skilled professionals, a lack of resources or sudden vacancies? We offer support, both remote or on site, if needed.

Profit from a profound transfer of knowledge, a strong focus on implementation and an external fresh mindset. Our consultants define KPIs for all work processes, ensure seamless onboarding for all relevant stakeholders, and plans and controls the implementation of all measures according to your project goals.

Omnichannel know-how for more engagement

Our consultants know what the pain points of our customers are.
They develop personal and flexible omnichannel engagement strategies for targeted, fact-based and inspiring stakeholder and patient journeys that are tailored to the individual requirements and capabilities of our clients.

We offer strategic orientation, operational efficiency, state-of-the-art expertise and sustainable innovations for promising digital transformation and more engagement of your target groups.

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The right mindset, skill set and tool set

Successful transformation calls for enablement measures to ensure that everyone involved has the skills, tools and right mindset and receives the support they need to adapt to new ways of working and successfully deal with new digital requirements.

Our enablement factory makes it possible to achieve sustainable transformation through the integration of change management and capability building.

Future-oriented omnichannel models.
Customised enablement plans.
Experts in data intelligence.